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Legal Duty and Obligation

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An obligation is a duty. It's your obligation or responsibility to call your mom on Mother's Day. Sending flowers would be even better. A fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties (person or group of persons).

Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of money or other assets for another person. One party, for example, a corporate trust company or the trust department of a bank, acts in a fiduciary capacity to another party, who, for example, has entrusted funds.

the respectful and obedient conduct due a parent, superior, elder, etc. an act or expression of respect. a task or chore that a person is expected to perform: It's your duty to do the dishes.

Military. Article I describes the design of the legislative branch of US Government -- the Congress. Important ideas include the separation of powers between branches of government (checks and balances), the election of Senators and Representatives, the process by.

Agency: Agency, in law, the relationship that exists when one person or party (the principal) engages another (the agent) to act for him—e.g., to do his work, to sell his goods, to manage his business. The law of agency thus governs the legal relationship in which the agent deals with a third party on.

Difference Between Duties and Responsibilities

noun. a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral: You have a right to say what you please. Sometimes rights. that which is due to anyone by just claim, legal guarantees, moral principles, etc.: women's rights; Freedom of speech is a right of all Americans.

adherence or obedience to moral and legal principles and authority.

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