Dieppe raid essay

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Western Front (World War II)

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Offensiva di Vienna

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Campagna di Norvegia

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Western Front (World War II)

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Over links! I enjoyed reading your account of the Dieppe raid (Aug 19, ). There is a recent re-interpretation of the purpose of the Dieppe raid. This view is that it was an elaborate attempt to pinch code books and a 4 rotor Enigma machine from a German communications station located quite near the beach at Dieppe.

Tom Kemp (–) was a prominent Marxist economic historian and political theorist. He was influential in socialist and Trotskyist parties in the UK, and published several influential books on Marxist theory and economic development, in particular Theories of Imperialism which made an important contribution to assimilating globalisation into Marxist theory.

Dieppe raid essay
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